Get Involved!

MSA Foundation was created to provide financial resources that facilitate participation by under-privileged youth in sport. Contact the MSA Foundation today to learn more about our organization.


Playing sports is fun, educational, challenging and a healthy choice but can be cost prohibitive. The MSA Foundation has been set up to help youth athletes in grades K-12 play organized sports if they can't afford it. We're working to open up doors for children who are interested in:

  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Futsal
  • Lacrosse
  • Volleyball
  • Other

Our nonprofit organization wants to make sure every child has the opportunity to play sports.

In the inaugural year and this year we have hosted a MSA Foundation Tailgate to raise funds to support this mission. Both years we have secured a presenting sponsor so any additional money donated goes directly to helping kids. Join us at the MSA Foundation Tailgate to GET INVOLVED in your community and in sport!


Great Beginnings, Great Goals!

In 2018 we focused on spreading the knowledge of our goals to local communities, businesses and sports minded people and our financial goal was to minimally raise $100,000 to give to youth through our annual Build Greatness night as the primary fund raising event. We raised over $123,000 at the 2018 event are hoping to exceed that in 2019.

We will spread the positive messages that sports can teach.
We believe in addition to simply playing the game, children will understand:
1. How to follow rules and instructions | 2. The keys to sportsmanship | 3. The basics of discipline | 4. The foundations of self-confidence | 5. The motivation for making healthy choices
There are also social skills that are developed when you're part of a team and need to communicate on the field or court.

Currently we have given out 70% of our funds from last year to families in need with the remaining monies to be distributed in January and March of 2019 . We hope to have stories to share during the 2019 tailgate event so you know the impact you have had!